Provillus the Best treatment for Hair Loss and Baldness

Introduction for Provillus

One of the most common lifestyle related ailments these days is hair loss or baldness. This is a problem spread across the gender barrier and affects men and women in equal measures. Treatments like provillus are helping these men and women reclaim their social lives and regain their lost confidence. Technically known as alopecia, hair loss or baldness could be due to an autoimmune disorder. This could be mild with limited hair loss or severe which could cause complete loss of hair from the head and the body. Hair loss can also be triggered by a loss of nutrition or in a large number of cases due to genetic disorder carried over through the generations.

Causes of Baldness for men and women

Provillus Hair RegrowthBaldness in Men or MPB which stands for Male Pattern Baldness is usually a genetic trait also called Androgenetic Alopecia. It is carried through the generations and affects almost all the male members of the family. This is due to hormonal causes. While treatments like Provillus cannot change the genetic history, it can help with the hormonal causes to reduce the baldness.

The reasons for hair loss in women is however, more complicated than men. Contrary to popular beliefs , the hair loss in women is not caused by brushing , teasing and curling of hair. It is mainly due to Hereditary hair loss reasons, serious health issues and hormonal surges or imbalance. Provillus targets these causes and effectively neutralizes their effect on the patients body to ensure that she gets her hair growth and her self confidence back.

The Provillus Advantage

Provillus is a completely natural product made out of herbal ingredients. These FDA approved ingredients ensure 100 % treatment without any side effects. The unique formulae has been specially created to combat hair loss and ensure the beauty and health for the hair which grows afresh. The Provillus treatment gives the users the advantage to go for a much cheaper alternative to hair loss as against the expensive transplant and customized wig treatments /measures. The men use Provillus treatment to maintain their virile images and women for maintaining their youthful looks with their flowing mane.

How Does Provillus Work

Provillus has special formular for men and another special one for the women. This is due to the hormonal functions being different in men and women and different requirements in the two genders. Provillus contains a variety of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients formulated together to create the potent mixture which is extremely effective.

Provillus also contains the FDA-approved and active ingredient minoxidil addition to minoxidil, Provillus also has other natural and potent ingredients which are listed by the Provillus manufacturer as propylene glycol , alcohol, purified water, minerals and herbs and natural vitamins. All these potent ingredients work collectively as a unique treatment to address baldness.


So there is no reason for the patients to sit and wait any longer before starting the treatment using Provillus . The sooner the treatment starts , the sooner will the effects start becoming visible. Provillus has the best treatment without any side effects and has proven itself among hundreds and thousands of users. Its time to reclaim your life and your self confidence which went along with the hair which you lost. Now is the time to get both back and effectively.

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